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Hello my name is Gill and I am so delighted to welcome you to 'Healings by Gill'! I believe our connection has been made already if you are reading this.And I hope you will find what you are  looking for here. I serve people who are struggling with lack of confidence,anxiety issues,stress and physical pain, to gain control of their thoughts,bodies and daily routines and to live happily and confidently the work life balance ,resulting in happier relationships, making more money and enjoying life to the full .The tools I use to achieve this are Energetic Healings and Reflexology.These therapies are amazing ways of removing any energetic blockages or imbalances and allowing the  amazing healing power of your physical body to rebalance the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual bodies,putting that energy ,confidence and love back into life!These treatmants are carried out in a comfortable and safe environment, your wellbeing is my priority.


Chloe was 53,married and had three grown up children still living at home.She was introduced to me through a friend ,who thought she needed some help.Chloe seemed in appearance confident and friendly but the more she talked I realised she was really struggling. People took advantage of her and she was unable to say no.She lacked confidence and didn't make time for herself as she was busy looking after others.She had previously had cancer and was convinced it had returned.She wasn't eating properly or sleeping properly and her stomach was in a knot.She was anxious and uneasy and sick with worry.She was struggling with day to day life and her biggest challenge was worrying about her health.If she could wave a magic wand she would be healthy and well and could put herself first for a change without feeling guilty.
After 3 sessions with me ,her transformation was incredible. The biggest change she experienced was the change in her confidence. She learned to love herself enough to put herself first,this lead to a huge positive increase in her wellbeing.She would recommend my healing work because the knot in her stomach was gone,and the anxiety and guilt were gone also.On taking my advice she now went for walks to ground herself and put her health first.Before the session Chloe felt sick and had low confidence. She struggled with sleep,eating and feeling happy.She wanted help with confidence ,health and a more positive mindset.She couldn't cope with life in general.After the session the pain in her solar plexus was gone,the difference was amazing. Chloe had regained confidence and lightness in her body and mind.She would recommend my healing services because it helped her to change her thoughts about herself and her capabilities of being happy. 


Had a healing by Gill.All I can say is wow!I really felt we connected straight away.She took great care to get to know exactly what I wanted to get from the healing.I would recommend her to anybody.Thanks Gill.It was a pleasure!

'K Therapy'

I had the most beautiful reiki session with Gill.I felt calm,reassured,strong and balanced after.From the moment you meet Gill her positive energy and professional manner puts you at ease.I thoroughly enjoyed my session and I'm looking forward to the next.x


So relaxed and peaceful,felt full of energy and ready for anything that comes my way,well nearly anything!

Need more healing Gill.


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