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Hello my name is Gill and I am so delighted to welcome you to 'Healings by Gill'! I believe our connection has been made already if you are reading this.And I hope you will find what you are  looking for here. I serve people who are struggling with lack of confidence,anxiety issues,stress and physical pain, to gain control of their thoughts,bodies and daily routines and to live happily and confidently the work life balance ,resulting in happier relationships, making more money and enjoying life to the full .

The tools I use to achieve this are Energetic Healings, meditations, Energy therapy techniques and Reflexology.These therapies are amazing ways of removing any energetic blockages or imbalances and allowing your amazing healing power to rebalance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies,putting that energy , confidence and love back into life!These treatments are carried out in a comfortable and safe environment, your wellbeing is my priority.


Chloe was 53,married and had three grown up children still living at home.She was introduced to me through a friend ,who thought she needed some help.Chloe seemed in appearance confident and friendly.We sat down to complete her consultation form but before she could speak the tears were flowing down her cheeks. She began to speak of her struggles. People took advantage of her and her kind nature.She was unable to say no to her partner and children.She was consumed by her home life and family .She lacked confidence and felt she had no time for herself as she was busy looking after others.She had previously had cancer and was convinced it had returned.She wasn't eating properly or sleeping properly and her stomach was in a knot.She was anxious and uneasy and sick with worry and this constant knot in her stomach never seemed to leave.She was struggling with day to day life and her biggest challenge was worrying about her health from the time she got up until the time she went to bed.She couldn't stop this carousel of negative thoughts that were going round and around in her head.She felt like she was going mad and she had no control over her life.She didn't know what to do.

If she could wave a magic wand she would be healthy and well and could put herself first for a change without feeling guilty.Chloe wanted to start living her life.She would like to do a course and maybe go back to work part time so she would have something for herself to enjoy.
After 7 sessions with me ,her transformation was incredible. The biggest transformation she experienced was the change in her confidence. She learned to love herself enough to put herself first,this lead to a huge positive increase in her wellbeing.Her whole mindset had changed.She felt lighter and happier and had learned to say no without feeling guilty.The second transformation was the physical side of things.The knot in her stomach is gone and she feels she has the ability to deal with any future anxiety with techniques she learned during her time with me.Her sleep pattern had become much better and with the use of affirmations and meditation the negative thought pattern had dissipated.

She now daydreams about her future goals,something she never did before.Chloe allows her self the space and time to do this.Her mindset is positive,totally opposite from before.


Had a healing by Gill.All I can say is wow!I really felt we connected straight away.She took great care to get to know exactly what I wanted to get from the healing.I would recommend her to anybody.Thanks Gill.It was a pleasure!

'K Therapy'

I had the most beautiful reiki session with Gill.I felt calm,reassured,strong and balanced after.From the moment you meet Gill her positive energy and professional manner puts you at ease.I thoroughly enjoyed my session and I'm looking forward to the next.x


So relaxed and peaceful,felt full of energy and ready for anything that comes my way,well nearly anything!

Need more healing Gill.


For the last few years I've been suffering with high levels of anxiety and depression due to having a hysterectomy, also dealing with my son who has autism and is also a diabetic...over all I was burnt out.Gill was recommended to me by my sister.I couldn't believe the difference in seeing Gill.I found her very professional to work with.Her energy healing I found so relaxing, I felt my anxiety lifting. I felt a weight leave me after every session.I felt lighter in worry,her counsel is second to nine.I would have no reservation recommending Gill to anyone in a similar situation as I think Gill can do great work with you.Her level of professionalism, empathy and understanding goes a very long way especially in this area of mental and physical well being.


I'm Jack a current client of Gill, I'm 17 years old.Before I worked with Gill I struggled with anxiety and had difficulties sleeping.After my experience with Gill I felt a lot better.It really helped with my anxiety and sleeping problems tremendously.I was so much and relaxed and chilled which boosted my confidence.I'd recommend working with Gill for many reasons she's very professional, kind, understanding,calming and wise.Gills work made a big impact on my life and I would not fail to recommend her.


I have been working with Gill for a number of moths now doing Angelic healing for the first time. I was a bit apprehensive at first but from the minute I met her I knew I was in good hands and felt comfortable in her presence. I was not in a good place mentally or spiritually. I felt amazing after the experience and her feedback.I would highly recommend Gill to anyone in the future and I speak about her to many friends! If you want to experience a spiritual journey call Gill !!


To anyone who might be considering the services that Gillian has to offer, I would like to recommend them. Prior to working with Gillian, I found myself in a position where I was under a lot of pressure with a lot of anxiety and tension .These manifested through lack of sleep, brain fog and generally poor mood. After a couple of sessions, I found myself to be feeling more relaxed, motivated and energetic. If I felt myself returning to old feelings, I used the strategies recommended in the sessions to aid and guide my mind and body back to more positive strategies. My sessions with Gillian have been invaluable in all aspects of my daily life.Thank you Gillian.


I am 16 years old. Before I worked with Gillian I was feeling quite anxious and nervous a lot of the time.I would also be stressed out a lot. After working with Gillian I was relieved of a lot of stree and anxietuy that I was previously experiencing. If felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I was finally sleeping well at night. I would highly recommend it because of the healing factors that it has . It made a huge difference to my mental health after.


Before working with Gill I was a very depressed and angry individual. After going through a bad breakup and distancing myself from my friends and family, I became very lonely for a long time and took my anger out on  my family and was constantly running to get away from everything.

After my experience I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I wasn't angry, I just let out my emotions I kept in for all those months, it's like I came out of a room enlightened. I realised its ok to hurt and talk about your feelings. I was able to be social again with my friends and get my life back.

I would highly recommend Gill to anyone struggling with their mental health. She helped me get my life back on track from a place I never want to go back to. It was an experience I'll never forget and was done in a professional manner.

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